With A Reliable Logistics Provider Suited To Luxury Fashion Brands

A fashion company may have only a handful of logistics partners worldwide. That’s why selecting the right one in Panama is so critical.

At Exclusive Brands Logistics, we have experience as a retail and wholesale operator working with brands, so we’re intimately familiar with the challenges that apparel and accessories brands face.

Since 1969, we have earned the trust of fashion brands with our logistics operations in the Colón Free Trade Zone. Some of the global luxury brands we work with include:

We treat your operation as though it’s our own. We’re more than a vendor; we’re your partner.

With A Reliable Logistics Provider Suited To Luxury Fashion Brands

Why Panama Is The Perfect Logistics Base

The Colón Free Trade Zone in Panama is known as the logistics center of the Americas. The world-class import and export hub facilitates a growing number of commercial trades.

Whether you want to expand into Latin America or the Caribbean, Panama is the place to start.

There are no time limits on the storage of goods, and you aren’t required to hold an import license.

Store Fashion Goods In An Organized
Warehouse Space

When using Panama as your distribution base, you need a reliable logistics warehouse that’s well run so you avoid errors with your orders.

Through carefully planned internal processes and refined standard operating procedures, such as cycle counting, we maintain over 99.5% inventory accuracy. You also have full visibility into real-time inventory reports.

We have two warehouse facilities in Panama with over 17,000 square meters of space. Our warehouses are protected by security CCTV, fire detection systems and several temperature-controlled areas.

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