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To guarantee an efficient import and export operation in Panama, you need a regional logistics expert with intimate, practical experience in retail and wholesale. Gain cost-saving benefits in profitable markets by working with Exclusive Brands Logistics.

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Outstanding Inventory

Through cycle counting, established processes, standard operating procedures and controls from inbound to outbound, we offer 99.5% inventory accuracy, 99.5% fill rates and 100% transparency into real-time data.

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Brand Maintenance

Our dedicated brand advocates communicate
with you daily
because they are a passionate
extension of your brand. Expect proactive
conversations about process improvements, planning
and how we can serve you better.

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We provide our employees with regular
educational sessions on professional and
personal matters.
Engaged workers with an
enthusiasm for handling product efficiently help
improve our processes and your cost savings.

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Market Access

The Colón Free-Trade Zone in Panama is
an inviting distribution center for companies that
want to expand into Latin America and the
Caribbean. We help you understand the financial
and tax landscape so you can take advantage of
the many benefits it offers.

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